Deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling and the associated processes are a challenge to metal technicians, however DMH Technology knows how to tackle such challenges. The machines used by DMH Technology can drill holes of a diameter of 1.5 mm to 50 mm and a maximum depth of 1250 mm. Both single-lip drilling (SLD) and off-axis turning can be used and 4-axis milling tasks with 80 tool positions can also be applied. The HSK chuck with 100 bar pressure through coolant has made these machines very suitable for deep hole drilling operations. The Siemens 840D control unit may be programmed offline, combined with a zero-point locking system means setup times can be restricted to a minimum.

DMH Technology’s technicians have gained extensive experience with this technology. The company’s experience with process management techniques is also of major importance and its specific focus on these aspects means customers can rest assured they will receive sound advice and a reliable result. DMH Technology also works together with a European specialist in deep hole drilling for more advanced projects in this field. This offers our customers maximum certainty that the result will meet their expectations.

Depp hole drilling